Time Tracking Software

Running a business is hard work. Handling daily logistics doesn’t take extraordinary intelligence, but it does require lots of time and attention to detail. As the owner of a company myself, I understand how much of a pain it can be to have to worry about scheduling and tracking staff when there are much bigger issues at hand. However, administrative duties are an integral part of any business, and poor employee communication can have disastrous results on the company. That’s why we use Fresh Shifts.

Fresh Shifts is an all-encompassing employee management tool that allows business owners and managers to keep themselves and their workers updated on the latest information. The cloud-based system can be accessed and modified by all authorized personnel. Once schedules and other notifications have been uploaded into the system, they can be sent out to all intended recipients in a matter of seconds. The convenience of Fresh Shifts can save your company time, money, and effort. Efficient functioning is crucial to the long-term success of all organizations, and Fresh Shifts makes everybody’s lives a little easier.

Imagine workers not showing up because they didn’t notice last-minute changes to their work schedules. No-shows are major issues that can reduce profits by huge amounts. With Fresh Shifts, everyone gets notices at the same time by email, text, and more. The software can even set automatic reminders into smartphone calendars. Speaking of smartphones, the Fresh Shifts mobile app is even handier than the standard edition because it allows for on-the-go updating wherever there is an Internet connection.

Traditional scheduling using spreadsheets can be tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, it’s quite common to make mistakes and not realize it. Thankfully, navigating Fresh Shift’s layout is a breeze. Crisp visuals combined with color coordination makes editing schedules easy on the eyes. When most of your day isn’t wasted on these technicalities, you’ll open up plenty of time to handle more urgent issues. Within our own company, we saw a significant increase in employee productivity after implementing Fresh Shifts. Things were getting done faster than ever before.

If you want to make yourself and your employees happier, Fresh Shifts is the way to go. We have tried a few, and for shift planning software there is no better.  Keeping everyone in the loop at all times translates to less stress and more progress. On-point scheduling is especially helpful during the hectic holiday season. Sharing a holiday schedule with your team prevents confusion and allows unscheduled workers to enjoy time with their family and friends.

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